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Who we are

Our pupils come from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds, resulting in a vibrant melting pot of cultures, which nurtures remarkable acceptance and mutual appreciation. Theodor Herzl Schools is built on universal values like respect, acceptance, integrity and service, that bind together every member of the Theodor family. Pupils of all faiths are welcome and the ancient festivals and life lessons so central to the Jewish faith are enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

The Theodor community is a friendly, warm and unpretentious one, with a shared ethos and educational direction balanced with a liberal respect for individuality. Nowhere are individual talents given the space to shine as brightly as they do at our school.

Our history

“If you will it, it is no dream”
These are the inspiring words of pioneering Zionist author Theodor Herzl.
They were adopted, along with his name, when Theodor Herzl Schools were founded by members of Port Elizabeth’s Jewish community on 21 January 1959. In 1962, Theodor Herzl Schools moved to its sprawling current site in Walmer, housing all three schools. It has continued to thrive for more than half a century and is today one of South Africa’s top independent co-educational schools, with a significant academic record.
Although its community has become largely multi-cultural, it retains its Jewish heritage and flavour.


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Three bodies, one heart – Theodor Herzl Pre-Primary, Primary and High, together form one of South Africa’s top independent, co-educational schools.