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Mr Viktor Kurz is the Executive Principal of Theodor Herzl Schools. Having been born and educated in Port Elizabeth and having lived there for 33 years, he is no stranger to Port Elizabeth.
He returns with his wife, Leanne, to the “Friendly City” after having been away for 23 years. Leanne is a Remedial therapist while their two children, Jurgen 28 and Romy 24 live in KwaZulu Natal.
The various roles that Viktor has occupied over the years have seen him Head of the Maths Department at Woodridge College and Michaelhouse in recent years, before becoming Head of Academics and Deputy Head at Uplands College, White River.
The past 6 years have seen him in the position of Headmaster of Clifton Preparatory School, Nottingham Road, KZN.
Viktor enjoys a busy and active life, keen to return to playing competitive league tennis, while enjoying gardening and reading and spending time with his family. Stanley and Ethel, their two beloved sausage dogs (with significant attitude) round off the happy family!
Viktor and Leanne are thrilled to be part of the Theodor family.

Mr Viktor Kurz

Executive Principal

Mr. Viktor Kurz

high school Academics

Theodor Herzl High School is renowned for academic excellence. Our overall results are frequently amongst the country’s top ten. Along with many of South Africa’s best independent schools, Theodor Herzl matrics write the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC). Our Matric IEB results have been consistently excellent. Most Theodor Herzl students proceed easily to the local and international tertiary institutions of their choice, and succeed there because of their excellent grounding and work ethic.
So, what exactly underpins the academic excellence we are known for at Theodor? It is a very simple, very successful philosophy. We teach from the HEART…to the HEAD…then the HANDS. Why the heart first? At Theodor we believe that intrinsic motivation is a vital goal in education and parenting. We want our students to want to do well, for themselves, not just to please their parents or teachers. Relationship is the key to unlocking this type of motivation. Our teachers take the time to get to know each student…and this is truly one of the special things about Theodor.
Relationship then paves the way for accountability, and removes the possibility of any student slipping between the cracks. This ensures that every individual is seen and heard. Our small classes result in a dynamic culture of learning and we are proud of the manner in which we enable the individual to attain personal excellence.
When hearts have been touched, head knowledge follows, and a culture of academic excellence is easy to maintain. Students are encouraged to stretch their intellectual wings – whatever their scope – and develop their skills in research and independent study. Students write examinations in the second and fourth terms, and controlled tests in the first and third terms. Pupils who find academic studies a struggle are encouraged with extra, individual input from their teachers and usually fare much better than they would have done at a larger, less personal school.
Once we have inspired academic excellence, student ‘hands’ are able to DO all that has been taught. Then our young men and women can become what they repeatedly do: confident, self-assured adults who have purpose and are comfortable in their own skins.

our subject offering

Grade 8 & 9

Grade 10 - 12

school counsellor

This department looks after students’ emotional, academic and career wellbeing. It exists in order to identify, prevent and/or assist with any barriers to learning, personal difficulties as well as career factors such as subject choice and school-leaving readiness. Students benefit from these three areas of support as follows:

Professional counselling is available on a one-on-one basis by the school psychologist.

Group interventions are facilitated when needed.

We run a co-curricular, learner-led support group under the Services Forum. Part of this initiative is to provide an online presence (via Instagram: THSmatters) to provide psychological resources to our learners and parents.

We offer support for learners with academic difficulties and barriers to learning by assisting them with examination accommodations and classroom adjustments where needed. Here we partner with teachers who offer extra lessons, remedial therapists, and external professionals to assist with a thorough process to ensure academic success for all learners.

Although an academic subject in its own right, the Life Orientation curriculum is designed to enhance “soft skills”, critical thinking and performance in all subjects and spheres of life.

This area of support focusses on assisting learners to find suitable careers and tertiary education institutions, including guidance on international studies. Career testing and counselling is offered to assist Grade 9 learners with their subject choice and any subsequent subject changes throughout the FET phase

Co-curricular Activities

Theodor Herzl offers a variety of extra-mural activities.  The Afternoon Programme has been designed so that each pupil is able to participate fully in the activity (sporting and cultural) of choice.  We encourage pupils to explore different opportunities, to discover a talent or passion and to grow as individuals.  The Extra-mural Programme focuses on creating a balanced school life.


Committed to Teaching and Learning

High School staff

Staff Members

Vikor Kurz

Viktor Kurz

Executive Principal

Angela Kennedy

Angela Kennedy

High School Secretary

Ingrid Carter-Raine

Ingrid Carter-Raine


Haydee Breedt

Haydee Breedt

Operations Manager

Jason Hyam

Jason Hyam

Head of Sport & Business Studies teacher

Wesley Petzer

Wesley Petzer

IT Manager

Elzaan Cothill

Elzaan Cothill

Head of Life Orientation

Warwick Osmond

Warwick Osmond

Head of Geography, Natural Sciences

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