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Welcome to Theodor Herzl Schools

This may well be your first visit to our website, or one you have visited before, but I trust that the message provided is a “timeless” one.
Theodor Herzl Schools occupies a unique and special space both in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) and in the broader educational context – both locally and nationally.
We are significantly proud of our Jewish heritage (with our School founded in 1959 as a Jewish day-school), whose original values and ethos form an integral part of who we are and what we do on a daily basis. Jewish Festivals have not been lost nor forgotten. They are acknowledged intentionally. Our on-site Shul, Rabbi and Judaica Department are part of our authentic history AND daily reality.
Interwoven, is the notion that our South African context embraces and encourages “change, acceptance and adaptation”… read more

it forms part of who we are too. We are a proudly South African school!

The landscape that makes up Theodor Herzl School is one which embraces all faiths. There is a universality in our message. This is important for us. We all have a voice. Ours is a school that has evolved and continues to do so – the sign of a school that is willing and able to adapt to the ebb and flow of time.

Yes, our core business is (and should be) creating a love of continuous learning and academic studies. We offer the rigorous I.E.B. curriculum. Our aim is also holistic education. Being a well-rounded and kind human-being is equally important to us. Being excited about and potentially excelling in what we offer in the sport and cultural arena is also part of being a Theodorian.

Theodor Herzl School’s heart is one which is pure and life-giving. Although we are “three schools”, we are one. We beat to the rhythm of one heart, one school. The journey begins in Grade 000. Diverse but “the same”, unique but united, traditional yet modern. We embrace “otherness ” in the broadest sense of the word, intentionally and sincerely.

Our wish is that Theodor Herzl Schools is the school of choice for anyone looking for holistic, authentic, relevant and rigorous education for their child/children. Ours IS a school with heart.

I am proud to be part of the rich tapestry that makes up Theodor Herzl Schools. Embracing all that is truly South African, Theodor Herzl Schools has straddled the exciting changes over the years. We continue to do so.

Mr. Viktor Kurz

Executive Principal Theodor Herzl Schools

Mr. Viktor Kurz
Our Grade 1 and 2’s have an extended day including 30-40 minutes of 3 sports or games at the end of the day, each week.
These could be traditional sports such as hockey, tennis, soccer, cricket, tag rugby, ball skills or games such as four square, rope skipping or elastic jump.
Children play these sports and games with coaches in a maximum 10-1 ratio for maximum opportunity and skill.
On the forth day of this programme they have additional drama, play board games, cards or grow their critical thinking skills.