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Tu b’Shvat

We enjoyed a special Tu b’Shvat at all three schools yesterday. In the Primary School we planted 3 lemon trees , listened to a dvar Torah by Aiden Joubert and enjoyed a wonderful Tu b Shvat Skit by the Grade 5s, narrated by Shayna. The message being , that the best time to plant a […]

High School Gala

We dived into excitement as we geared up for the much-awaited High School Swimming Gala. It was wonderful to witness the thrill of the races, the power of the strokes, and the determination of our swimmers as they competed to claim the trophy for their House. What a celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and teamwork! Congratulations […]

The “Theodorian Scholarship 2024” – An Inspiring Journey towards Your Dreams

Dear Applicants, Are you ready to take the first step towards your dreams? The “Theodorian Scholarship 2024” is here, and it is the perfect opportunity for you to bring your aspirations to life. Whether you want to pursue higher education, develop your skills, or make a difference in your community, this scholarship can help you […]

Grade 6 Camp

The Grade 6s had the best time at their camp to Addo.

High School Inter-house Athletics Day

Our High School Weizmann and BG athletes battled it out on the field and tack on Inter-house Athletics Day.  It was House Weizmann who was victorious on the day!

Grade 7 2023 Camp

Our Grade 7s had a wonderful time on their Leadership camp at Assegaai Trails, Kenton on Sea.

Matric News

Our Matric Class of 2023 received their Matric Jackets today.

Grade 8 Camp

Our Grade 8s had the best time with the Prefects and their teachers on their Orientation Camp.